maxiewinchester asked:

Ani sounds like my dog Sadie. Once in awhile, I'll feed my dogs a treat of human food. Usually chicken or the like. Sadie is Chihuahua and will basically take over a plate or whatever. Her sisters and brother know to just let her have it. My dog Sophie will actually just walk off and allow her to have whatever it is.

hahaha yeah Ani has a thing for pizza, when we brought Ani and Balto home as puppies for the first time it was really late and we brought pizza home. I set it on the couch and figured puppies can’t reach that. Well they totally can and they each tore into it leading to a morning discovery of poop EVERYWHERE. Since then they go nuts for pizza.

Ani especially really loves food an d vocally lets everyone know how much she loves it she never hurts any one but man can she cry over it lol She cries if you don’t give her anything and she’ll cry if she thinks she got less than Hubble and Balto.

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Went to the local dog park today & they have a garden hose faucet to fill up water bowls and pools and such. All of a sudden, I hear the faucet turn on & turn around - the huskies at the park had grouped together and turned the faucets on, completely soaking all of the dogs! Just thought you would appreciate their mischief!

haahahahaha oh my gosh that sounds like a troop of huskies, mine are the trouble makers at the park too :) I loved this thanks for sharing :))))

So Ani did get uppity about pizza guys but she got real uppity and starts showing her teeth at Hubble and Hubble is all hell no and I had to correct her so IDK IF I’LL BE POSTING THAT because you know someone will get all weird about it despite the fact that I corrected her and she’s been laying down sweetly since then. It was just verbal bickering between huskies and she apologized. Dogs aren’t perfect but everyone will assume I’m a horrible person. We shall see… 

shepherd-tails said: I noticed from other videos how greedy she is and how he’s just like “whatever not worth it” Also i DEMAND more vocal videos omg. I almost died of cute aha

HAHA shes SO greedy lol, thats totally her, and she gets so bitchy when it comes to Balto, I think being related totally has something to do with it. If she cries about pizza tonight I’ll totally post it, the box isn’t even opened yet and she’s already running around going MINE MINE MINE MINE

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your s/n response is interesting. Ive heard that it isn't necessary for dogs to have their first heat cycle and that doesnt matter if you don't intend to breed them. i know for my dog, when we adopted her, she had just had a litter of puppies (she's only 1 1/2 years old, so we assume it was her first litter). She ended up with a life threatening uterine infection and had to have an emergency spay. I think your right in saying explore all the options and make an informed decision.

There are definitely a lot of differing opinions, thats what makes is difficult to decide what to do. My mom was a dog breeder and we argued about fixing my dogs she told me it was a stupid idea to do it when they were so young but my crap vet was saying other wise. I followed the vets advice and we now have issues. There’s evidence on both sides, its why I don’t like saying NEVR FIX YOUR PET OMG because there is high cancer risks if you don’t. Its why I would wait a bit before fixing or sterilizing my next dog to balance risk on both sides. Some people never have issues with early desexing and thats why some vets don’t warn people but the studies do say that early desexing is linked with many health problems. I think that individual dogs and breeds differ too so it confuses everyone even more.

shepherd-tails said: Aww Ani. <3 That was so cute omg. Was she growling at Hubs near the end or something? I noticed like a little bit of something and figured she was like “MY PIZZA”

Hahahaha yeah its Balto lol. He just sits politely and she gets uppity and often likes to tell him every thing is hers, he’s so good about it though. Balto is just kinda like “okay whatever you say sis, whatever makes you happy.”

MINE MINE MINE MINE is basically what she says all day everyday. 

Its pizza night so I thought I would share Ani’s pizza song again.

I sound stern with that leave it command but she’s allergic to grains and it would have meant a long night of doggy poop soup so yeah.